Signo SFX-Instruments is the artisan of unique sample based foley and sound effects instruments libraries for Kontakt sampler. These instruments called SFX-Instruments (SFX-I) are specifically designed to support the professionals in their complex tasks of sound effects "montage" often difficult to synchronize with picture. Integrated as a plug-in to the Digital audio workstation (DAW) software such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Nuendo and others, the Kontakt SFX-Instruments become then extremely powerful and productive tools.

From a little closer...

"One Key CYCLE"

Signo-SFX Instruments has developed the "One Key Cycle" (OKC), a versatile structure for zones distribution designed especially for footsteps SFX-Instruments, but it can be incorporated for other purposes such as the clothing and accessories SFX-Instruments. The "OKC" is provided one hundred twenty-four (124) samples with one hundred and four (104) Cycle Round Robin including four (4) zones of velocities on one key (C2) of the keyboard controller, which allows realistic variations to repetitive sound effects. For more flexibility and fine control, these same samples were spread individually on each white key of the keyboard. Finally, the black keys have been configured as additional sound like scratches, movements, handling and other related additional sounds. The One Key Cycle can be interactive by combining with each other. For example, when recording foley for a scene, a footsteps SFX-Instrument may be accompanied by a pants SFX-I and layered by a backpack SFX-I, ready to be recorded in a "single pass" and that from a single key of the keyboard controller.


The Main Control Panel is the heart of SFX Instruments. It is a set of knobs that affect parameters such as volume, panorama and tune. It also includes controls of the envelope, an equalizer and a filter for the entire instrument. In some cases, for sound design instruments, the Main Control is assigned to each of the sixty-one (61) keys (samples) of an SFX-instrument, making it a super SFX-Instrument combining sixty-one (61) independent Main Control. Each of the keys will have its own settings in memory (Vol, Pan, Tune, Eq, Env, Filter). In addition, to ensure maximum control and speed, the Main Control allows you to control its parameter from outside Kontakt. Ror example, using the automation system of your DAW or data generated by an external MIDI controller, you will have the opportunity to easily select and assign (or remove) the sources of appropriate automation freely.

Important note about requirements:

All Kontakt SFX-Instruments requires the full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt v.4.2.4+ v.5+ and v.6+. The free version of Native Instruments Kontakt Player is not supported.

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