Whooshes From Noize61

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FORMAT: KONTAKT 3.02+, KONTAKT 4.2.4+, EXS24, STRUCTURE - 96kHz/24bit Stereo.

Whooshes from Noize 61 is a patch containing 61 sound effects with 4 velocities layers of short to long whooshes. The Whoosh from Noize 61-Y K4 is a special patch featuring the automation of the parameter "Y" of the surround panner of Kontakt. The action of the keyboard modulation will allow you the passage of the chosen sounds, front-back or back-front so that you can follow perfectly the movement of an object in the space.


-61 keys of original sound effects (whooshes)

-244 samples

-Stereo wav format

-Kontakt 4.2.4+ (Stereo - surround panner front-rear / rear-front with the modulation wheel)

-control panels including independent volume, pan, EQ, filter and envelope for each key of the keyboard controller.

-File size: 62.1 MB zip file