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FORMAT: KONTAKT KONTAKT 4.2.4+, EXS24 - 96kHz/24bit - Stereo - Stereo w. Surround panner

Rumbles SFX-Instrument is another unique concept specially developed for easy sound design. This instrument contains 61 original sounds and textures of rumbles used for anything coming out from space or for earthquakes, machineries, room control, engine rooms and so on. So get ready to rumble. The «Rumbles SFX-Instrument» contains 61 original long samples distributed from C1 to C6 keys. By activating the "Select Midi" button, each key will bring up its own "Main Control". You will have the opportunity to change the sound settings for each sample. For example by pressing the C2 key, the Rumble-13 sample bring up it own «main control». You can now adjust the Tune, EQ, Volume, Filter, etc. without altering the other sounds that are on the other keys. There are many «workers» inside the heart of Rumbles. Three LFOs are work together with the Surround panner and randomly assigned to angle, «Y» and distance to produce a surround sound effect that comes from all sides. Now mix it! By combining different rumbles sound effects among themselves, it offers you the possibility to hear many other original sounds.


-Rumbles SFX-Instrument

-61 original samples

-Stereo wav format

-Kontakt 4.2.4+ (Stereo - Surround panner)

-Surround panner configuration (L-R-Ls-Rs-C-LFE)

-Logic EXS24 (Stereo)


-File size: 1.4 GB zip file