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FORMAT: KONTAKT KONTAKT 4.2.4+ (Surround) , EXS24 (Stereo) - 96kHz/24bit 

Neurons One is a unique concept specially developed for sound design. It contains abstract sounds that could be associated with visual scenes that show the activity of viagra overnight in usa neuronal connections or scenes including strange sensations and other weird «buzz», radiant energy, magnetic field, etc. This collection contains 62 "SFX-Instruments". There are 61 individual instruments and one "All SFX-Instruments" includes the 61 original samples. The «All Neurons Surround SFX-Instrument» contains 61 samples distributed from C1 to C6 keys. By pressing the "Select Midi" button, each key will bring up its own "Main Control". You will have theopportunity to change the sound settings for each sample. For example by pressing the C2 key, the Neuron-13 sample bring up it own «main control». You can now adjust the Tune, EQ , Volume, Filter, etc. without altering the other sounds that are on the other keys. Now blend it! By combining the sounds among themselves, it offers the possibility to many other original sounds.   


-61 samples of original sound effects

-61 single Neuron SFX-Instruments

-1 "All Neurons-1 Surround SFX-Instruments"

-control panels including independent volume, pan, EQ, filter and envelope for each key of the keyboard controller (with Kontakt 4+).

-24 bit / 96kHz

-Stereo wav format

-Logic EXS24 (Stereo)


-File size:  1,9 GB zip file